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  Since 1968, Schleicher Irrigation has been installing and servicing automatic           
  irrigation systems throughout the Eastern Long Island area. Irrigation service          
  includes lawn sprinklers in Hampton Bays, Quogue, Westhampton, Sag Harbor,      
  East Hampton, Southampton, Bridgehampton, and Montauk, NY. Our staff               
  consists of a full-time office manager, installation crew and full-time service              

   We install and maintain a wide range of sprinkler systems from large commercial     
  sites to residential systems, including parks. Our technical equipment and               
  motivation to provide customers' satisfaction allow us to offer an attractive               
  design   for a reasonable price.

  Of all the variety of brand names available on the market today, we prefer and        
  use the proven quality of Hunter and Netafim products.

   of our systems come with a one-year warranty on parts, backed by an                
   experienced office manager and service technicians to give you quality service       
   on time. We offer service contracts in the spring to include start-ups and                 
   winterizations of your system.

Schleicher Irrigation also specializes in Mole Removal. We have an educated staff that will help you rid your lawn of moles. The
company is local and it works closely with all its customers . Our teams have daily routes in the Hamptons area, which allows us
to track the progress of our work frequently and make the necessary adjustments when needed.

Schleicher Landscaping, Inc. offers a quality Hampton Bays sprinkler system to ensure that your lawn looks its best. Our
experts will design and install custom irrigation for your home. We serve a 50 mile radius around Hampton Bays.

Licenses / Credentials:
• Licensed and Insured
We Specialize In:
•        Sprinkler Systems
•        Design
•        Installation
•        Repairs
•        Landscaping
•        Installation And Maintenance Of Any Sprinkler System
•        Spring Activation, Renovations, Winterizing
•        Sprinkler System Add-ons
•        Drainage And Dry Wells Constructions
•        Mole Removal

Hampton Bays Sprinkler Systems Installation: Protecting Your Green Investments
It can take hours of seeding, fertilizing, dethatching, mowing and watering to grow and maintain a beautiful lawn. The truth is it
doesn’t all have to be that difficult. This is especially true when it comes to watering. A beautiful lawn will be one step closer with
the professional installation of a sprinkler system. Not only will it take less work to get a beautiful lawn or garden but you’ll be
saving water while doing it. An automatic sprinkler system will water the grass and specific garden areas, adding just the right
amount of water at just the right time.
Quality sprinkler systems can mean the difference between an under or over watered lawn and one that’s lush and green year
round. Of course it’s possible to install a sprinkler system yourself but there are a number of important factors that need to be
considered if you want the system to work efficiently. Your lawn, shrubs and other plants all need varying amounts of water.
The best method of ensuring that your sprinkler system will keep your lawn and garden areas in top condition is to hire a
reputable Hampton Bays sprinkler systems installer.
The Hampton Bays sprinkler systems contractor you use to install your sprinklers can really make a difference. The design and
placement of the sprinkler heads and other components is essential. Sprinkler systems involve not only the sprinkler heads but
a number of parts that you can’t see, all working through a main controller. Proper installation involves knowledge and special
tools to do the job right. It might be a better idea to let an experienced Hampton Bays sprinkler systems installation contractor
put the system in for you.
Your Hampton Bays Sprinkler Systems Contractor Search
It may take a little work to locate the best Hampton Bays sprinkler systems company, but it could make a difference in the
quality of service and you could find yourself saving a lot of money on water bills with a system that works efficiently.
Probably one of the most traditional ways to find a Hampton Bays sprinkler systems installation contractor is by simply asking
people you know. Friends, family and co-workers can all be great sources of information. You might be able to get a reference
for a good Hampton Bays sprinkler systems installation contractor. Check the yellow pages of your phone book. A lot of people
still rely on the phone book when they want to search for a service or product.
These days almost everyone knows that the most reliable place to find information is on the internet. This includes finding a
qualified Hampton Bays sprinkler systems contractor. You can learn much more by using the internet than any other source of
information. The internet can not only provide you with the names and numbers of sprinkler system installers but it can also
help you to become a more educated consumer.
Getting Estimates for a Hampton Bays Sprinkler Systems Installation
You can set up appointments with each Hampton Bays sprinkler systems installation company once you’ve narrowed your list
down. A representative will inspect your property, the types of grass and other plants as well as the soil condition. Your water
supply and pressure will also be checked. The contractor can then give you an estimate detailing the project, materials and
During this initial visit you need to make certain that the Hampton Bays sprinkler systems installation contractor has all the
required licensing and insurance in place. It’s important that any contractor have property damage, liability and workmen’s
compensation insurance. Hiring a contractor without insurance could leave you open for all sorts of problems if a worker gets
hurt or your property is damaged.
You should also request references from any Hampton Bays sprinkler systems company you’re planning to hire. A professional
contractor should be happy to provide you with the names of some of their past customers. Talk to these references before
making your final decision on any Hampton Bays sprinkler systems contractor. Ask how their sprinkler system is working. Were
there any problems during or after the job? Did the company use care around the shrubs and other plants with minimal
damage to the lawn? Foremost, are they satisfied with the system and would they ever work with the Hampton Bays sprinkler
systems installation contractor again?
Hampton Bays Sprinkler Systems Installation Contractor: Which one is Best for You?
Once you’ve verified licenses and insurances and checked the references you can begin comparing your bids, feeling assured
that your list now contains some of the best Hampton Bays sprinkler systems installers available. Make certain that all your bids
are based on the same scope of work and installation of similar sprinkler systems. Your estimates should include a detailed
explanation of the job and all the costs for work and materials. You should also get a clear time for completion.
In this case the lowest bid may not be your best option. You want the best sprinkler system for your money. You should choose
a Hampton Bays sprinkler systems contractor that can put in your system without damage to your lawn or shrubs. You also
want to make sure the sprinklers will work properly and that there won’t be any underground leaks causing you to waste water
and have to have the contractor return to redo the work. Some bids may be slightly higher than others but that could be due to
the different materials or methods of installation.
It takes time and money to keep your yard and plants looking good. You know how labor intensive it can be if you do most of
the work yourself. You can do away with some of the work by using an automatic sprinkler system to take care of your lawn and
garden. You won’t need to haul out the hose and wonder how much water is enough. Why not protect your green investments
with the help of a reputable sprinkler systems installation contractor?

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. I  would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss our
services to you.

Thank you for your interest in our company, we look forward to working with you in the near future.

Sincerely ,
Scott Schleicher


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